Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eddie Hazel - Games, Dames, & Guitar Thangs (1977)

1 California Dreamin’ (6:16)
2 Frantic Moment (3:42)
3 So Goes The Story (3:55)
4 I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (9:25)
5 Physical Love (5:32)
6 What About It? (3:46)
7 California Dreamin’ (Reprise) (1:30)
8 Smedley Smorganoff (3:07)
9 Lampoc Boogie (11:47)
10. From The Bottom Of My Soul (12:35)
11 Unkut Funk (2:03)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

14 KT - Nowalataz (instrumental) 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nathaniel Mayer - Why Won't You Let Me Be Black? (2009)

1. Dreams Come True
2. Mr. Tax Man
3. If You Would Be My Guide
4. She's Bad
5. You Are The One
6. The Girl Next Door
7. The Puddle
8. What Would You Do?

Nathaniel Mayer (1944-2008) was one of the all-time great soul singers. His 1962 record "Village of Love" made him a star, and he inspired several generations of musicians, especially in his hometown of Detroit. Nathaniel's last sessions took place during two long summer days and nights of intense jamming, writing, and recording. "Why Don't You Give It To Me?" was the first installment of these recordings to be unleashed. Now, here at last, is a second volume of Nathaniel Mayer having a blast with the assistance of members of the Black Keys, SSM, Outrageous Cherry, and the Dirtbombs. The two acoustic performances are from a 2007 radio interview, Nathaniel's only known "unplugged" performance. About the title: It has to do with the food he kept being served while on tour in Europe. When Nate finally became frustrated with the countless plates of cheese and French bread that awaited him backstage at every gig, he shouted "Why Won't You Let Me Be Black?". He agreed that it sounded like a good title for his next album.

Al Wilson - Show & Tell 1973


01. (00:03:27) Al Wilson - Show And Tell
02. (00:03:37) Al Wilson - I'm Out To Get You
03. (00:02:51) Al Wilson - Queen Of The Ghetto
04. (00:03:08) Al Wilson - Touch And Go
05. (00:03:43) Al Wilson - My Song
06. (00:03:44) Al Wilson - Broken Home
07. (00:03:48) Al Wilson - What You See
08. (00:03:58) Al Wilson - Love Me Gentle, Love Me Blind
09. (00:03:35) Al Wilson - Moonlightn'
10. (00:03:38) Al Wilson - For Cryin' Out Loud
11. (00:05:44) Al Wilson - A Song, For You

Playing Time.........: 00:41:11
Total Size...........: 94.52 MB

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dead Poet Presents - Drum Machines Have No Soul vol 2

A little delayed in getting this out. First one was a great success, so i plan on doing these monthly. Check back for more. Third installment is already being hammered out. It will be the summer bbq edition. For now enjoy this one.


01. Willie Hutch - A Love Thats Worth Having
02. Herold Melvin & The Blue Notes - I Miss You
03. Stevie Wonder - Bang Bang
04. The Natural Four - Give This Love A Try
05. Average White Band - A Love Of Your Own
06. Tom Brock - There Is Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You
07. Ohio Players - Our Love Has Died
08. Them Two - Am I A Good Man
09. William Bell - I Forgot To Be Your Lover
10. King Floyd - Dont You Leave Me Lonely
11. Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind
12. Bobby Womack - I'm In Love
13. Marvin Gaye - Distand Lover
14. LTD - Love Ballad
15. War - Thats What Love Will Do

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleep - Hesitation Wounds (2009)


01. Intro 01:30
02. Day Dreamer 04:41
03. Talk About It 02:34
04. Who To Point The Finger At 01:55
05. Ginelli 04:06
06. Spent 04:05
07. Orchestra Of Strangers 04:39
08. Hesitation Wounds Feat. Grayskul 03:50
09. Commercial 00:31
10. Lothar Feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien 03:57
11. Get It 03:41
12. So Far 03:52
13. Roll Call 04:19

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blaq Poet - The Blaqprint (2009)

1. I-Gettin (Prod. by DJ Premier)
2. U Phucc’D Up (Feat. KL) (Prod. by Easy Mo Bee)
3. Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Prod. by DJ Premier)
4. What’s The Deal? (Prod. by DJ Premier)
5. Legendary Pt. 1 (Feat. Nick Javas & NYGz) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
6. Hood Crazy (Prod. by DJ Premier)
7. Voices (Prod. by DJ Premier)
8. Hate (Feat. N.O.R.E.) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
9. Sichuwayshunz (Prod. by Gemcrates)
10. Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns (Feat. Panchi & Imani Montana) (Prod. by DJ Premier)11. S.O.S. (Prod. by DJ Premier)
11. S.O.S. (Prod. by DJ Premier)
12. Let The Guns Blow
13. Don’t Give A Fucc (Prod. by DJ Premier)
14. Rap Addiction (Feat. Lil’ Fame & Shabeeno) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
15. Never Goodbye (Tribute to KL) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Monday, June 22, 2009

DJ Wicked - Old School Mix Vol. 1

This is a mix a local dj did around my way. Dude always puts out quality shit. You'll like this.

Joe Beats - Indie Rock Blues (2005)

Various - The Joe Beats Experiment Presents Indie Rock Blues
(CD/LP) Arbied/Twentyfour Seven Records

CD Tracklisting:
01 M. Ward - Sad, Sad Song
02 The Black Heart Procession - When We Reach the Hill
03 90 Day Men & Cursive - Exploration Vs. Solution, Baby-Dedication to Desertion
04 Belle, Sebastian, and Signify - Space Boy Dream
05 Ugly Casanova - Ice on the Sheets
06 Pinback & Kid Dakota - XIY & Winterkill
07 Neutral Milk Hotel - Naomi
08 June of 44 - Doomsday
09 The Minutemen & Neil Hamburger - It's Expected I'm Gone & Open Ended Interview
10 Andrew Bird - I
11 Deerhoof - Panda, Panda, Panda
12 The Make Up - Save Yourself
13 Songs: Ohia - Coxcomb Red

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

J Cole. - The Warm Up (roc nation)

I don't normally post mixtapes. But this one is pretty damn good. This is J Cole. He's the first signed to The Roc Nation (hova's new label). I first heard him on some clip from a live performance. I didn't like it. Saw was suspect in checking this. I must say i'm glad I gave it a chance. Here's the album and a few samples.

1. Intro (The Warm Up)
2. Welcome
3. Can I Live*
4. Grown Simba
5. Just To Get By
6. Lights Please
7. Dead Presidents II
8. I Get Up
9. World Is Empty
10. Dreams ft. Brandon Hines
11. Royal Flush
12. Dollar and a Dream II
13. Water Break (Interlude)
14. Heartache**
15. Get Away
16. Knock Knock
17. Ladies ft. Lee Fields and The Expressions
18. Til’ Infinity
19. The Badness ft. Omen
20. Hold It Down
21. Last Call

22. Losing My Balance


Ladies (some of you may not like it because of the sample being Lee Fields)

Get Away

Can I Live

Lights Please

Monday, June 8, 2009

Joe Beats - Diverse Recourse (2007)

01. Don't Front
02. Live My Life
03. Me Talk Pretty
04. Slivers
05. Doing The Nothing
06. Sleep Or Bust
07. Caught Up
08. Friday Afternoon
09. Hellfire (Remix)
10. Pour Me One
11. Big Eyed Son
12. The Buzz Off
13. Merc Ret
14. Spikes For The Punch Bowl
15. Indian Summer
16. Cutie Pie
17. ETA
18. Fade

Joe Beats - Reverse Discourse (2002)

1 The Clock With No Hands (4:54)
2 Wanderer's Lust (2:43)
3 Born Mimic (2:02)
4 #4 Disease (2:22)
5 One Trick Pony (3:16)
6 Andy Kaufman (1:59)
7 Confessions Of A Trump Card (2:03)
8 Impatient (2:45)
9 Escape Velocity (1:32)
10 Ghetto Celeb Samba (4:28)
11 Infidelity (4:28)
12 Someday (2:02)
13 Smurfette Syndrome (2:54)
14 FIRE! (2:38)
15 Narcissist (4:02)
16 Game Recognize Game (2:46)
17 To Ritual From Romance (2:53)
18 Truth Be Told (2:41)
19 Supercult Mansion (2:51)
20 I Keep Calling (5:18)

Lee Fields & The Expressions - My World (2009)

PRESS RELEASE: Lee Fields is a bona-fide, 100%, unadulterated, pure, gut-bucket soul singer. While the crate-digging funk and soul community bestowed "legendary" status upon him due to his undeniably solid series of rare 7" singles (and one LP) recorded and released on his own independent labels in the 70s, he's never been one to sit in a dusty corner. New York label/production team Truth & Soul, are ready to bring him to light with a brand new album of beat-heavy, deep soul ballads that will show soul-revivalists the world over what real soul is.

After his rediscovery in the mid 90s, his faithful have featured him on a slew on singles, a full-length on Desco Records entitled "Let's Get It On', a full-length on Soul Fire entitled "Problems", and on Sharon Jones's critically acclaimed album, "Naturally". Most recently, he has featured on a number of tracks by French house producer, Martin Solveig. Suprisingly, many of of those songs have become top ten hits for Solveig and have turned Lee Fields into a bonafide celebrity in France and other parts of Europe. Yet, outside of a rabid cult following, his story remained untold in America.

When Truth & Soul rose from Soul Fire's ashes in 2004, the first mission of label owners/producers Jeff Silverman and Leon Michels, was to record a sweet soul record that would be modeled after the near perfect formula that bands like The Moments, The Delfonics, and The Stylistics had created. But with a decidedly modern bent. The two producer/songwriters were perfect for the job, having dedicated their talents to the likes of Adele, Iggy Pop, Amy Winehouse alongside Just Blaze, Ghostface Killah and Jay Z

Turning their attention to Lee Fields, the duo wanted an album full of music that was both tough as nails and sweet as honey. They wanted ballads laced with lush strings and smooth vocal harmonies layered over a hard-hitting rhythm section. Michels and Silverman enlisted the service of a the group of New York studio musicians that have provided the back drop for records by The Dap Kings, Amy Winehouse, Bronx River Parkway, El Michels Affair and TV on The Radio. Those musicians include Leon Michels, Homer Steinweiss, Quincy Bright, Nick Movshon, Thomas Brenneck, Toby Pazner, Aaron Johnson, Dave Guy, Michael Leonhart, and members of legendary doo-wop group, The Del-Larks.

Four years later and Lee Fields & The Expressions have successfully created a unique and personal sound that can hold court with the bands they set out to emulate. However, what they’ve created in the process goes beyond just a carbon copy of a sweet soul music from the 60's and early 70's. The formula has remained the same but the style has been adapted for the ears of youngsters whose experiences with soul began with Amy, not Al, Otis and Marvin. Thirty years of retrospection has colored this cross-generational melding of the minds. It sounds odd on paper, but the results are classic: hip hop-reared record collectors come full circle to produce an album of beatuful soul music with one of the progenitors who made it all possible.

01 Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
02 Love Comes And Goes
03 Honey Dove
04 Money I$ King
05 My World Is Empty Without You
06 Expressions Theme
07 My World
08 Ladies
09 These Moments
10 The Only One Loving You
11 Last Ride

buy the album here

Stevie Wonder - Down To Earth (1966)

Stevie Wonder's third album signaled more artistic growth, but was the first of his career that didn't make much commercial headway. It didn't contain a single big hit, something that wouldn't happen again to Wonder for many, many years. There were moments of uncertainty and awkwardness on such songs as "Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)" and "Lonesome Road." Wonder was laying the groundwork for numerous classics that routinely came throughout the 1970s and '80s; his voice was losing its cuteness and beginning to gain the richness and edge that punctuated many of his future albums.

1 Place in the Sun

2 Bang Bang

3 Down to Earth

4 Thank You Love

5 Be Cool, Be Calm (And Keep Yourself Together)

6 Sylvia

7 My World Is Empty Without You

8 Lonesome Road

9 Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)

10 Mr. Tambourine Man

11 Sixteen Tons

12 Hey Love

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Moments - A Moment with the moments (1970)

1. If I Didn't Care
2. So This Is Our Goodbye
3. Where
4. I've Got To Keep On Loving You
5. Lovely Way She Loves
6. Key To My Happiness
7. Rocky Raccoon
8. I Do
9. Love On A Two-Way Street
10. Thanks A Lot

Rose Royce - Car wash (soundtrack)

A1 Car Wash (5:06)
A2 6 O'Clock DJ (Let's Rock) (1:09)
A3 I Wanna Get Next To You (3:57)
A4 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (3:25)
A5 Zig Zag (2:30)
B1 Righteous Rhythm (2:30)
B2 Water (3:31)
B3 Crying (2:57)
B4 Doin' What Comes Naturally (3:09)
B5 Keep On Keepin' On (6:39)
C1 You're On My Mind (3:27)
C2 Mid Day DJ Theme (1:43)
C3 Born To Love You (3:06)
C4 Daddy Rich (3:12)
C5 Richard Pryor Dialogue (5:21)
D1 You Gotta Believe (2:51)
D2 I'm Going Down (3:37)
D3 Yo Yo (4:16)
D4 Sunrise (10:48)

Sam Cooke - Night Beat (1963)

Track list;
01 - nobody knows the trouble i've seen.
02 - lost and lookin'.
03 - mean old world.
04 - please don't drive me away.
05 - i lost everything.
06 - get yourself another fool.
07 - little red rooster.
08 - laughin' and clownin'.
09 - trouble blues.
10 - you gotta move.
11 - fool's paradise.
12 - shake, rattle & roll.

Herold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Self Titled (1972)

  1. I miss you
  2. Ebony Woman
  3. Yesterday I had the blues
  4. If you don't know me by now
  5. Be for real
  6. let me into your world
  7. If you don't know me by now (live)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Al Green - Back Up Train (1967)


A1 Back Up Train (2:17)
A2 Hot Wire (2:58)
A3 Stop And Check Myself (1:43)
A4 Let Me Help You (1:45)
A5 I'm Reachin' Out (2:42)
A6 Don't Hurt Me No More (2:15)
B1 Don't Leave Me (2:00)
B2 What's It All About (2:00)
B3 I'll Be Good To You (2:07)
B4 Guilty (2:55)
B5 That's All It Takes (Lady) (2:17)
B6 Get Yourself Together (2:20)

Lamont Dozier - Black Bach (1976)


A1 Shine (5:54)
A2 Put Out My Fire (4:36)
A3 Let Me Start Tonight (3:35)
A4 All Cried Out (4:34)
A5 Intermission (4:34)
B1 Prelude (5:27)
B2 Rose (5:27)
B3 Thank You For The Dream (4:39)
B4 I Wanna Be With You (5:54)
B5 Blue Sky And Silver Bird (4:51)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dead Poet Presents - Drum Machines Have No Soul (vol 1)

01 Stevie Wonder - My World Is Empty Without You
02 The Natural Four - Try Love Again
03 Cutris Mayfield - Love To The People
04 Bobby Womack - Woman's Gotta Have It
05 100 % Proof (aged in soul) - Since You've Been Gone
06 Jean Plum - Are You Gonna Love Me
07 The New Birth - It's Been A Long Time
08 Dynamic Five - Beautiful Lady
09 The Soul Children - I'll Be The Only Woman
10 Luther Ingram - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
11 Candi Staton - Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man
12 Arthur Conley - Let Nothing Seperate Us
13 Otis Redding - Pain In My Heart
14 Marvin Gaye - If I Should Die Tonight
15 The Isley Brothers - Voyage Atlantis

Monday, May 18, 2009

Zulema - Zulema (1972) Sussex Records

A1. I Leave It Up To You
A2. This Child Of Mine
A3. If I Loved You
A4. Maybe I'm Amazed
A5. If This World Was Mine
B1. Don't Be Afraid
B2. Why Do I Love You
B3. American Fruit, African Roots
B4. Ain't It Sad
B5. I Remember Mama

Tom Brock - I love you more & more (1974)

1. Have a Nice Weekend Baby
2. Love We Share Is the Greatest of Them All
3. There's Nothing in This World That Can Stop Me from Loving You
4. I Love You More and More
5. Naked as the Day I Was Born
6. That's the Reason Why (I'll Love You Until the Day I Die)
7. Shake Me, Wake Me
8. If We Don't Make It, Nobody Can

The Soul Children - Fiction (1974)

  1. I'll be the other women
  2. What's happening baby
  3. Can't let you go
  4. It's just out of my hands
  5. Just one moment
  6. We're gettin' too close
  7. Love makes it right

Marvin Gaye - Thats The Way Love Is (1970)

1. Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got
2. Yesterday
3. Groovin'
4. I Wish It Would Rain
5. That's the Way Love Is
6. How Can I Forget
7. Abraham, Martin and John
8. Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love
9. No Time for Tears
10. Cloud Nine
11. Don't You Miss Me a Little Bit Baby
12. So Long

Roberta Flack - Chapter Two (1970)


A1 Reverend Lee (4:31)
A2 Do What You Gotta Do (4:09)
A3 Just Like A Woman (6:14)
A4 Let It Be Me (5:00)
B1 Gone Away (5:16)
B2 Until It's Time For You To Go (4:57)
B3 The Impossible Dream (4:42)
B4 Business Goes On As Usual (3:30)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jean Plum - Unreleased Debut

Jean started recording 1967 at age 13. She signed to Willie Mitchells Hi Rec. 1975, when she announced her excitement at having just completed recording her first solo album! But for reasons unknown, the album never came out, although two tracks from the project hit the recordstores: "Here i go again" (used by Alchemist for Mobb Deep - Win Or Lose) & "I love him" (DJ Muggs Feat. Kool G Rap - Real Life). Before that album project , Jean released her Hi Rec. Debut also on 45 which became a cult classic , including "Look at the boy" & "Back to you" (GZA - Beneath the Surface, Bronze Nazareth /Masta Killa - Street Corners).

So, this compilation right here got those 4 songs plus 8 others recorded for this never-dropin jewel.

As it was never fully released on vinyl, i ripped it in 320 from a CD i bought years ago on Ebay, coming out on a Label called "Cream Rec.", which seems to bought the Hi. Rec Catalogue.

The Cd also includes songs from Veniece, which are totally different and are more or less some Norhtern Soul stuff, which i don´t liked that much, so i bring you the Jean Plum songs only, but in superb quality...ok , enough words, enjoy the music......ahhhh, before i if the upper sample credits isn´t enough, the Loneliness Song had been used for RZA´s Chi Kung track from the classic Birth of a Prince, here you go again:

The Isley Brothers - 3 + 3 (1973)

1. That Lady
2. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
3. If You Were There
4. You Walk Your Way
5. Listen to the Music
6. What It Comes Down To
7. Sunshine (Go Away Today)
8. Summer Breeze
9. Highways of My Life