Monday, February 23, 2009

Reks - Grey Hairs 2008

1. Grey Hairs [Prod. by Blaze P]
2. The One [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
3. Say Goodnight [Prod. by DJ Premier]
4. How Can It Be [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
5. Stages [Prod. by Large Professor]
6. All In One (5 Mics) (w/ Lil Fame (of M.O.P.)) [Prod. by Blaze P]
7. Next 2 Me [Prod. by DC The Midi Alien]
8. Money On The Ave (w/ Skyzoo) [Prod. by Soul Theory]
9. Black Cream (w/ Big Shug) [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
10. Love Sweet Misery [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
11. Rise [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
12. Telescope (w/ Jon Hope & Lucky Dice) [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
13. Day 2 [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
14. Premonition (w/ Termanology & Consequence) [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
15. My Life (w/ Paula Cambell) [Prod. by Blaze P]
16. Cry Baby [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
17. Long While [Prod. by 1914]
18. Big Dreamers (Lawtown Remix) (w/ Termanology & Krumb Snatcha) [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
19. Isiah [Prod. by Demo]
20. Pray For Me [Prod. by Statik Selektah]

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mission Control Presents: Prehistoric Sounds & Mood - Doom

Two of the most underrated albums that i've ever came across. Cincinnati, Oh natives.

Mission Control Presents - Prehistoric Sounds
1. Intro - Prehistoric Sounds
2. Wanna Battle - Elite Terrorist, King Solomon, Zerah
3. Organic - Elite Terrorist
4. Oh-10 - Elite Terrorist
5. Unconscious MC's
6. Transmorgify
7. Hard Heads - Crunch Extraordinaire,
8. MC-720 - Prehistoric Sounds
9. Part of the Game - Lone Catalysts
10. Empty Pages
11. Bleed - Reason
12. Instruments Of The Trade [The Word] - Five Deez
13. Go 4 Broke - Crunch Extraordinaire, Daryl Donte
14. Millionaires - Talib Kweli, Rubix
15. Weigh Scales - Laq-Nun, Main Flow
16. Outro

Mood - Doom
1. Esoteric Manuscripts
2. Info For The Streets
3. He Is DJ Hi-Tek
4. Karma
5. Vision, The
6. Tunnel Bound
7. Nuclear Hip-Hop
8. Anotha Day
9. Sacred-Pt. 1
10. Peddlers of Doom
11. Millennium
12. Babylon The Great
13. Peace Infinity
14. Secrets Of The Sand
15. Illuminated Sunlight
16. Industry Lies
17. No Ordinary Brother
18. Cincinnati

OuterLimitz - Suicide Prevention (2006)

1 Good Mourning
2 Answers
3. Prevention
4 Nightmare
5 Packaged Plastic
6 Still Dreamin'
7 Greater Things
8 He.llix
10 Hypnotic
11 Frozen Sky
12 Mountain Lions
13 Other Side Of Nothing
14 On The Inside Out

Sample Tracks:

Packaged Plastic

“Suicide Prevention”, the first official release from Chicago’s own OuterLimitz. The collective masterfully constructed a sound that transcends the traditional “boom boom bap, tick tick tick snare” format. Where others have boasted "unique", OuterLimitz delivers. Silence's production has confronted the monotonous headlong, leaving no room for excuses, just rhyme and reason. Recycled song structure has been replaced with stunning soundscapes and passionate deliveries. The energy brought forth from this talented trio is something that hip hop has been missing. OuterLimitz is a return to the originality and fire that both hip hop and the thinking world have been dying for.

The flawlessly designed production serves as the perfect canvass for the emcees to topple topics ranging the complete spectrum of consciousness. OuterLimitz is hip hop's wake up call, the much needed challenge to not only think outside of your box, but to be outside of your box. OuterLimitz.
Qwa, He.llsent and Silence bring change. And since anything that doesn’t change is dead.... Are you ready for a world where death doesn’t exist?

Welcome to the OuterLimitz.

Recorded and conceptualized over the last year and a half, this project will open doors for themselves and other like-minded individuals. OuterLimitz is known for their work on Chicago’s Frontline Records as a crew and as solo artists, and have toured the US extensively with acts such as Typical Cats, Living Legends and Visionaries. Qwa (aka Qwazaar) is also a member of Typical Cats, whose 2 releases on Galapagos4 have been certified as underground classics. He also released a solo album, “Walk Thru Walls”, in 2001.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kankick - From Artz Unknown (ox city) 2001

  1. Kan Intro
  2. Live As It Gets
  3. The 900's
  4. Kanstrumental 1
  5. Love Hardcore (Underground)
  6. A Sight Fo Sore Eyes
  7. Kanstrumetal 2 (Silvery Moon)
  8. The Finer Things
  9. Kanstrumental 3
  10. Don't Fight That
  1. Deleting Programs
  2. Kanstrumental 4 (Drunk Interlude)
  3. Kanstrumental 5
  4. Just Methods
  5. Kanstrumental 6 (Spiritual Dojo)
  6. Toast To The Boogie
  7. On The Lookout
  8. Kanstrumental 7
  9. Rebel Music
An intriguing and surprisingly deep first album from West Coast producer Kankick. Responsible for the beats on the album, the instrumentals between tracks work magically, creating a good mix between beats and lyrics for an album intended to showcase his production skills. Lots of jazzy compositions here, complete with trumpets, classical guitars, flutes, organs, rolling bass lines, and some classy MCs. The Visionaries, Krondon, Planet Asia, Declaime, Phil da Agony, Dr. Oop, and Wildchild from Lootpack all drop verses. Overall, this album was well thought out and put together, an enticing combination.

Sleep - Christopher (2005)

A few years back I bought this based on word of mouth. One of the best purchases I made that year. I still come back and listen to this album pretty often.

2.Say Goodbye
3.Fall Guy
4.I'm So Techno Skit
5.Make Yourself Get Up
7.So Tired
9.Can't Be Touched - (with Abstract Rude)
11.Guys Like Me - (with Josh Martinez)
12.Never - (with Tony Hill)
13.Heat, The - (with Masta Ace)
15.Dirt Interlude
16.Love It to Death - (with Yadira Brown)



so tired

love it to death


A Collection Of Used Samples

Sometimes while digging or scouring the net for samples i come across something that has already been used. I recently started labeling and making a folder of the ones I could identify. Here is a folder of a about one hundred samples, all pretty much labeled and marked for who used the sample. Enjoy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Raaphael Saadiq - The Way I See It (my pick for best album of 08)

This album is mos def my pick for album of the year. Its a shame it didnt bring home any awards for the grammy's. But its all good. This is an album i can listen to with your mom, grandmother, or girlfriend. Its end to end greatness. Saadiq captured that motown sound beautifully. peep game.

01. Sure Hope You Mean It
02. 100 Yard Dash
03. Keep Marchin’
04. Big Easy feat. The Infamous Young Spodie and the Rebirth Brass Band
05. Just One Kiss feat. Joss Stone
06. Love That Girl
07. Calling
08. Staying In Love
09. Oh Girl
10. Let’s Take A Walk
11. Never Give You Up feat. Stevie Wonder and CJ
12. Sometimes
13. Oh Girl (remix) feat. Jay-Z

Raphael Saadiq's The Way I See It album is satisfying for both old school heads and today's hip music buyers: his background as a musician, singer and songwriter is steeped in a love for R&B married with a commitment to making his own brand of expressive soul music. The Way I See It has the kind of smooth musical flow associated with great records made by pioneering producers at famous R&B companies like Motown, Invictus and Brunswick. From the foot-tapping opening track, "Sure Hope You Mean It" to the head-shaking reflective closer "Sometimes," Raphael delivers a present day potent ode to a bygone era. Loyal Tony! Toni! Toné! fans will particularly appreciate "100 Yard Dash," which Raphael describes as "a juke joint, Booker T.-type groove. I reflected back to my first T!T!T! albums when I was singing in a high tenor voice." Raphael grins when talking about the hypnotic "Love That Girl": "Man, that's all about the swing...the way girls swing their hips! It's the type of song that will make people move and that shuffle beat reminds me of those ladies I used to see playing drums in church!" With its Motown-flavored tambourine-featured beat, "Never Give You Up" is what Raphael calls "my three generations song. It includes C.J., this youngster from Baltimore that I'm working with and Stevie Wonder. Now comes The Way I See It, a masterful collection of new material that speaks to Raphael Saadiq's deep love for rhythm and blues.

Dead Poet Presents - Hip Hop Meets Soul (2006)

No Cover

01. Intro
02. Jean Grae - My Crew
03 Az - Bed Time Story
04. Interlude 1
05. Brother Ali - Love on Display
06. Interlude 2
07. Felt - Marvin Gaye
08. Robust and Prolyphik - Cowboys and Indians
09. Nas - Get Down (james brown - the boss)
10. I Self Divine - Hidden Track off Self Destruction
11. Rza ft ODB - Black Widow (Portishead - Over)
12. Soul Position - Keep It Hot For Daddy
13. Mars Ill - Siren Song
14. Interlude 3
15. I Self Divine - Love Song
16. Common - Sun God
17. Brother Ali - Pay Them Back
18. Lupe Fiasco - Hustlers Song
19. Interlude 4
20. OuterLimitz - Last
21. Jay Z - Dear Summer

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dead Poet Presents - Chill Mix Vol 4. (2008)

Made this a few weeks back. Enjoy it bitches.

01 Interlude 1
02 Godamus Rhyme - Do You Know
03 Mike Mectlan & Lazerbeak - Hand Over Fist
04 Reks - Pray For Me
05 La Coka Nostra - Thats Coke
06 Interlude 2
07 Elzhi - Growing Up
08 B.O.B. - Left Field Lovely
09 Kev Brown - Always. Gots To Be Something
10 Blu - Sun In My Face (ft Jontel)
11 Fam Nice - Gods Arms
12 Freeway - Hustlers Prayer
13 Interlude 3
14 JakeOne - The Truth (ft Freeway and Brother Ali)
15 Brother Ali - Obama Your The Man
16 Reef The Lost Cauze - Humble Beginnings
17 X Raided - Mammas Pride & Joy
18 Interlude 4
19 Scarface - High Note
20 Devin The Dude - El Grande Nadgas
21 Mestizo - Tolerance (ft Qwel)
22 Fam Nice - 5th Chakra
23 Dez - Smile Back
24 Reks - Isiah

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dead Poet Presents - Year 2007 In Review

I made this last year. 2008 will be up tomorrow. Figured i'd start with this one. Enjoy you tree hugging panseys.

01. Intro
02. Freeway - I Cry
03. Hell Razah & Blue Sky Black Death - Halos (ft crooked i)
04. Interlude 1
05. Killah Priest - The Uprising
06. Evidence - Let Your Self Go (ft alchemist and phonte)
07. WitchDoctor - Put A Spell On Them Hoes
08. Nas - Surviving the Times
09. Cunninlynguists - Wonderful (ft devin the dude)
10. Jay Z - American Dreamin
11. Interlude 2
12. Joe Budden - The Future
13. Pharoahe Monch - Desire
14. Tonedeff - Easy Now
15. Brother Ali - Uncle Sam God Damn
16. Prolyphic & Reanimator - Salt
17. Mos Def - Fake Bonanza
18. Atmosphere - Lyndale Avenue User's Manual
19. Robust - Love It All
20. OneBeLo - House Rules
21. Interlude 3
22. Blu & Exile - The World Is...

Dez & Nobs - Behemoth (2006) Request

6.There It Is
10.Bust It
11.2 Trillionz
12.Fresh Out the Box
13.Staring Problem
14.Girl Interrupted
16.My Own Dick

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Artist……………: Braille
Album…………….: Cloudnineteen
Genre…………….: Hip Hop
Source……………: CD
Year……………..: 2009
Ripper……………: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Benq CRW2410A
Codec…………….: FhG
Version…………..: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality…………..: CBR 192, (avg. bitrate: 192kbps)
Channels………….: Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags……………..: ID3 v1.1

This duo first collaborated on the song “Blessed Man” from Braille’s last solo record. During 2008 they stayed in touch and slowly started kicking around ideas of doing a full record together. Once both of their schedules cleared up they started creating new tracks. The chemistry was immediate and “CloudNineteen” was pushed to the forefront. After 5 months of creating material from long distance (S1 in Texas and Braille in Oregon) they finally met up in person to do the final sequencing. Rather then sitting on the record, they decided to bring it straight to the public as soon as possible. An eclectic list of guest artists including Shawn Lee (Ubiquity Records), Tony Cook (drummer from the JBs – James Brown band), Rob Swift, Vursatyl (of the Lifesavas), Lightheaded, Ragen Fykes, Strange Fruit Project, DJ Idull and Theory Hazit. Braille and S1 will be touring together in 2009 – which is an indication of how excited they are about this album.

1. (00:00:47) Braille - Sky Dive Intro
2. (00:04:33) Braille - Its Nineteen
3. (00:03:49) Braille - For Life
4. (00:04:42) Braille - Broken Heart
5. (00:03:20) Braille - Thats My Word
6. (00:03:09) Braille - Fill It In
7. (00:04:11) Braille - Skepticold
8. (00:03:14) Braille - Heart of God
9. (00:04:46) Braille - Found Her
10. (00:03:18) Braille - From The Pulpit
11. (00:04:20) Braille - Megaphone
12. (00:03:40) Braille - Work That Way
13. (00:04:00) Braille - Hardrock
14. (00:03:48) Braille - Stay Together
15. (00:00:31) Braille - Parachutes and Ladders
16. (00:03:28) Braille - Frankenstein (Bonus)

Monday, February 2, 2009

steady bloggin yo

i'm not trying to make this blog into anything big. I like music. I figure i'll share some of the shit i'm listening to the few of you that visit. I'll post a few rants and maybe complain a little. word. stay tuned, bitches.

14 KT - The Golden Hour (instrumental album)

01. The Waiting Room (Main Theme)
02. Surgery
03. The Inside
04. NNE Mode
05. Ypsilanti
06. Hihatspectations
07. The D Light In You
08. Love Handle
09. Tick Tock Hustle
10. Ivory Pillars
11. ICU Smile
12. Can We? (Chill Again)
13. Trust Issues
14. When My Sunsets (The Golden Hour)
15. Less Than Enough
16. The Night
17. Reprise (Start Over)
18. Miss U. (4 Lost Loved Ones)
19. Without Dilla (Donut 2 Dilla Feb '06)
20. Illustrious (End Titles)